Maria Luisa Kahlo Cardena Recalling Memorable Life Events

Maria Luisa Kahlo Cardena was the half-sister of Frida Kahlo, a renowned Mexican painter. Maria was Frida’s father’s daughter from a previous marriage. So, let’s move ahead and find out all the information related to her memorable life events, family, bio, and much more.

Quick Bio

Maria Luisa Kahlo Cardena Recalling Memorable Life Events

Maria Luisa Kahlo Cardena was born into this beautiful world on 9 September 1894, in Tacubaya, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico. Her parents were Guillermo Kahlo and Maria Cardena Espino. Her father was a German-Mexican photographer. She had one full-sister, Margarita Kahlo Cardena, and four half-sisters, Matilde, Adriana, Frida, and Cristina. Her mother died while giving birth to the third child and Maria was three years old then. After her mother died, she and her sister were sent to a convent, and there they spent their childhood. Frida and Maria did not have any connection until a few years later they built a relationship.


According to our research and knowledge, Maria attended a convent school with her sister, Margarita, Cristina, and others. Whereas her sister, Frida, attended a German school because of their father’s wishes. However, Frida’s school life was not good. She had to go through bullies, sexual abuse, and all. In 1922, Frida enrolled in the elite National Preparatory School, where she performed well academically.

Personal Life

She was married to a Mexican man named Jose Jose Jesus Escanes. Their marriage took place in 1917 and she was 22. She and her sister lived a very secluded life, unlike her half-sisters, Frida, and all others. Reportedly, the couple did not have any children. However, she did not have a good childhood. She was brought up in a convent. Although her mother passed away early, she did not even receive fatherly love. Guillermo Kahlo only took them back in the last years of his life. He was busy with his second wife and her children.


Maria’s father, Guillermo, was a Jewish. He was born in Pforzheim, Grand Duchy of Baden. He graduated from the University of Nuremberg. In 1893, he married Maria’s mom, Maria Cardena Espino. She took her last breath while giving birth to their third child. Later, he married Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez and had four more children. His character was played by Roger Rees in the 2012 film Frida. It is a biographical film based on Maria’s sister, Frida Kahlo, a surrealist Mexican artist.


According to our research and knowledge, there is no information present on the internet about her career. Furthermore, her father was a photographer. He photographically documented various historically important sites such as churches, streets, architectural works, landmarks, and also industries and companies in Mexico. Her sister, Frida Kahlo, was one of the popular Mexican painters known for her several portraits, self-portraits, and works that were inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico.

Death of Maria

She passed away on 19 January 1989, in Azcapotzalco, Mexico City, Mexico. She was 94 at the time of his death. Her burial was done in Mexico City, Mexico.


Maria Luisa Kahlo Cardena was a very kind-hearted, sincere, beautiful, and mature lady. After her mother’s premature demise, she raised her younger sister, Margarita Kahlo Cardena. She had faced many difficulties in her life, however, she faced all the problems with grace and positivity.

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